Everyone wants to be in control of their health but it has proven to be difficult. The current technology ecosystem is not solving this major problem. To get a 360-degree approach to health, one needs to access their health records, track their behaviors, and most importantly get medical and social support.

Replete solves this problem by allowing access to medical records, tracing and recording health status and creating a support system that nudges you to better health.

The State of Healthcare

Healthcare Facts


deaths per year due to non-adherence to medication


of medications are not taken as prescribed


of patients over 45 take 3 or more prescription drugs


of patients over 65 take 3 or more prescription drugs


increase in medication adherence with social nudging

Messages From Healthcare Leaders

“Patient Data doesn’t belong to the doctor, hospital, or electronic health record, it belongs to the patient.”

– Administrator Seema Verma

“[Patients] want to be able to do things with medicine the way they do them with other parts of their life,”

– Tufts Medical Center Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. William Harvey on the use of technology.

“Giving access to the individual to their own information empowers them,”


– Charles Alessi, Chief clinical officer at healthcare IT non-profit HIMSS Inter

Replete 4-Tiered Approach

Replete Health App, Replete Health, Replete, Replete mobile app, replete healthcare, replete smartphone

  Get Self-Nudged

Individuals want to push themselves to achieve their health goals. But sometimes they just need a little nudge. Replete has built an assortment of trackers that users can pre-select to self-nudge. The nudging mechanism can be used to track an array of behavior such as curbing smoking, control of alcohol consumption, water intake , sleeping, weight reduction, and many more. The nudging system will give you timely notifications to act in order to achieve your health goals.

 Doctor Nudge

People want to follow their physicians’ medical plans to get or remain healthy. However, there is an “out of sight, out of mind” problem. Replete allows your physician to nudge you directly in order to stay on a healthy track.  Your physician becomes your partner toward making sure you attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the doctor’s office.

Replete Health App, Replete Health, Replete, Replete mobile app, replete healthcare, replete smartphone
Replete Health App, Replete Health, Replete, Replete mobile app, replete healthcare, replete smartphone


Replete believes knowledge is key.
So in order to educate our users, we created a personalized newsfeed using machine learning.  Now users can learn more about the latest news and trends as it relates to their health treatments and conditions.

AI Driven Nudging

Did you know, as a patient your feelings towards a treatment are a good indicator of how the treatment is going? We use the same information to pick up when your tracked behavior indicates that there is a decline in your health. This early detection allows both you and your doctor to reaffirm your healthy behavior or adjust your goals or medications accordingly.

Replete Pipeline

Replete App Screens Walkthrough

Current Supported Features

Patient Features

  • Healthcare data in one place
  • Machine Learning driven news nudging
  • Artificial Intelligence driven nudging built-in
  • Save behavioral data intuitively
  • Reminders for medications and appointment Compliance
  • Lab reports directly to your mobile device
  • Share data with physician and/or family
  • Monetize your own health data
  • Goal setting for targeted health outcomes
  • Daily health score – proprietary RH algorithm


  • Manage patient behaviors at clinical or individual levels
  • Automatically nudge patients for treatment and behavioral adherence
  • View patients information in one single dashboard
  • Lab test results are pushed to patient mobile devices
  • Appointment reminders using push notifications
  • Run clinical studies

There Are Over 50 Million Health Records Available to be connected. And this number is Growing Rapidly.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Ketan Desai

Chief Medical Advisor,
On Linkedin

Dileep Srinivasan

Head of Strategy,
On Linkedin

Dileep Srinivasan

Head of Strategy,
On Linkedin

Dr. Ketan Desai

Chief Medical Advisor,
On Linkedin

Our Team

Venkat Timmaraju

Founder & CEO
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Naga Timmaraju

Chief Operating Officer
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Brandon Walters

Head of Business Development
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Joseph Maguire

Head of Marketing
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Murtuza Bhinderwala

Head of Data Science
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Ramakrishna Mallireddy

Head of Development
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Lalitha Adibhatla

Chief Compliance Officer
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Gopi Chodagam

Head of Testing
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